Vivax Bamboo

P. vivax is the second largest cold hardy bamboo.  My grove came from a start that I dug in Springville, Alabama.  My largest canes are about 5 inches in diameter and 65 feet tall.  The grove in Springville was well groomed and all the canes were 5 inches or larger.  This was one of the most amazing groves of bamboo we had ever vistited.  Springville is a small town and there are at least 3 more groves of Vivax nearby.  The canes are very straight and tall but are somewhat thin walled so it is not the strongest timber bamboo.  For the right project, such as a fence it is ideal.  There is another form of this called P. vivax aureocaulis (Green Stripe Vivax).  It gets just as large but has bright yellow canes with multiple green stripes.