Red Margin bamboo

Phyllostachys rubromartinata

These are big plants.  All are at least 5 feet and most are 6 feet tall.  These are 10 inch pots and best of all these are on sale!

Red Margin is ideal for a tall screen.  It is the fastest growing and spreading bamboo and can get over 50 feet tall under ideal conditions. Red Margin bamboo is fairly common in Alabama. There is a grove a couple hundred yards off the interstate south of Birmingham, down in a valley that  just stands out in the winter.(image # 3)
Another grove lines the western side of I 65 just north of Birmingham.  The new interchange is going in next to the grove and all the land has been cleared down to the earth – except this grove of bamboo.  Looks very naked sitting in the middle of a clean hillside.  I’m curious as to how it will survive.
Test done at Auburn in the 1950’s showed this to be the best producer of canes for paper production, multiplying almost twice as fast as most other bamboos. It is very cold hardy. Beautiful green culms with long nodes make it a good choice for crafts and construction.  We have a great price break available on this if buying field specimen size plants. Planted every 5 feet or so you should have a decent bamboo screen in 3 to 5 years. Fertilizing regularly, watering during dry spells, and mulching is the fastest way to get a dense screen of bamboo. Recommended for zones 6, 7, and 8.

Max. heigth zone 7:
Max. diameter:
Cold hardy to:
-5 F.


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