These bamboos are all giants. They range in size from 4 inches up to almost 7 inches in diameter and 40 to 75 feet tall.  A grove of giant bamboo makes an impressive specimen plant with just a few canes or as a large grove with dozens or more canes.  The culms (canes) are usually spaced far enough apart that you can walk through the grove.  Even on a sunny day it will often feel dark in the middle of a giant barboo grove.  It is possible to grow some very large canes even in a container,  if it's  big enough. Several species are available at the nursery in container sizes from 3 gallon up to 30 gallon size with canes 20 feet or more in heigth.  Most can be transported by pickup truck. We will wrap and secure your bamboo for you and guarantee it will make it home without damage.