Arrow Bamboo

Psuedosasa japonica

One of the best bamboos for screening. FREE SHIPPING. It has leaves all the way down and the canes grow very close together forming a dense barrier. This bamboo is commonly found in urban areas in the southeast. You can find Arrow Bamboo in yards and alleys all over the city. There is a very large grove of Arrow bamboo in downtown Birmingham, Al behind he famous 16th street Baptist Church of the civil rights era. With somewhat large leaves it has a tropical look but is very cold hardy. The pictures below show a long strip of Arrow Bamboo between a house and gas station.  It is only a couple feet thick, between a paved driveway and a parking lot so it is well controlled.  There are electrical wires directly above it so the utility keeps it pruned to about 8 to 10 feet.  It makes a dense screen. In its natural state it makes a screen about 15 foot tall.  Planted every 5 feet or so you should have a decent bamboo screen in 2 to 4 years. Fertilizing and watering during dry spells will speed things up. It is supposed to be somewhat tolerant of salt spray and is found growing along the gulf coast in many areas.

Max. heigth zone 7:
12-18 Feet
3/4 in


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