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(205) 283-5638

Jmbamboo is a mail order and wholesale delivery, bamboo nursery.  We allow visitors by appointment only and we require a $50 minimum purchase.  For this price you can choose a very nice size plant.  We have some great buys on plants too large for us to ship.  And you get a great tour of our bamboo groves as well.  Email me or call 205 283-5638.
On a tour of the nursery you can stand in mature groves of giant bamboo and walk through our extensive tropical and native plant gardens.  With extensive bamboo plantings along the driveway, around the pond, and in
clearings throughout our 20 acres of woods you’ll be able to see how bamboo looks in various settings throughout
the landscape. You’ll see tiny ground covers and towering giant bamboos and everything in between.  With a variety of landscape settings you can get a better idea of what bamboo you want to grow.
We’re not far from Birmingham, Al near  I-65 and I-22/78W.

bamboo lined drivewayWe have a large collection of cold hardy bamboos including mature groves of many of the giant bamboos. We offer tours of our many bamboo groves allowing you to see mature examples of many bamboo species.  We can walk through giant Moso, with 6 inch canes like a forest, heavily carpeted with a thick layer of bamboo leaves.  Walking around the pond reveals a dozen different bamboo species surrounding it. The picture to the left is the drive crossing the dam, lined with giant bamboos.  The groves are spread across 20 acres with well maintained roads and paths through the  different species of bamboo.  Most are mature groves, ten to twenty years old. Along with bamboo you can visit our tropical and flower gardens.  We have a few items made from bamboo on display along with works by local artist.

Picking up plants at the nursery saves you money since we do not have to pack and ship. In most cases the plants will be larger than our regular shipping sizes. We have large 15 gallon (and larger) size plants available in most of the popular species and an extensive selection of balled and burlaped plants in the 10 to 20 foot range. These large plants can be transported by most pick-up trucks. We will wrap the plants in plastic and secure them. We have extensive experience in loading and preparing bamboo for transport and can guarantee your plants to arrive in good shape with minimal shock.

Tropical plantings on our roofAlong with bamboo we have extensive plantings of unique landscape plants including Bananas, Gingers, Elephant ears, Angel Trumpets, Cannas, and more. You can also view (and purchase) plants from our extensive collection of carnivorous and other bog garden plants. These include Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Butterworts, Venus Flytraps and bog Orchids.