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We’re Jmbamboo, a mail order, retail/wholesale bamboo nursery. We have the selection and service of the larger nurseries with the personal service and attention to detail that they just can’t provide. I’m Jim and I’m the one who will take your order and answer your questions. I like the one to one relationship I have with my customers and I enjoy answering the questions and providing advice on which bamboo to choose.

Our Home & Nursery

I’ve always had a love for bamboo. Perhaps it’s my early memories of playing with a bamboo pole as a kid and thinking about all the things we could do if only we had more! Unfortunately, the only grove we knew of was off limits to us. When my wife and I bought some property of our own I finally planted my own bamboo grove. It was slow to get started because I planted it in a wet spot and meanwhile we were busy building our home over the next several years. In the early 90’s someone told me about a man in Birmingham who grew lots of bamboo. It was Steve Ray and he had been growing bamboo for most of his life and had well over a hundred species of bamboo. I soon became a regular visitor. I’m sure he got tired of my questions but I was a good customer, buying a different species of bamboo every time I got a little extra money. I began selling bamboo in 1994 and built my website in 1995. Today I have about 100 species of bamboo growing on 25 acres and the website has changed many times over the years. We love the beautiful bamboo groves that cover our property, especially since they provide greenery and privacy all year round.

My wife Mickey and I live in an underground home in the middle of our bamboo groves. We built our home ourselves over a periond of many years. We have land that is covered with moss rocks and it seemed only natural to use them for building and landscaping. We put our flowers and cold hardy tropicals on the roof, the one place that gets lots of sun. We grow elephant ears, gingers, cannas, banana trees, brugmansias, carnivorous plants,…. well you get the idea. Of course this is in addition to all the bamboo we grow.

We learned not to plant bamboo close to the house. I planted Robert Young bamboo near the roof several years ago.  I soon realized it was heading for the roof.  We transplanted the bamboo and cut any shoots we saw over the next few years.  We still have some dwarf bamboos around the house. There’s Sasa palmata near the back door along with a nice grove of Pleioblastus viridistriatus. There’s even a long line of Pleioblastus humilis along the front edge of the roof to keep people from walking off! We made one other mistake by planting Okuboi bamboo near the roof to hide our power meter. It worked so well that we ended up removing that bamboo also.

We have a long drive (about 650 feet) and bamboo lines it most of the way. We also have a small pond, surrounded by bamboo. The back side of the dam is covered by a mature grove of Robert Young. Most of our 25 acres is wooded but any clearing has bamboo planted in it. We’re running out of room, so I’ve begun planting more at friend’s homes .The summer of 2006 we had the local utility company tell us that they were planning on clearing a 20 foot right of way from the road to our home. This would cut through the middle of my Robert Young bamboo grove and pretty much eliminate the Dwarf David Bisset Bamboo along with a small grove of Ruscus bamboo. After exploring our options we decided to have our power lines and telephone line placed underground. It was surprisingly affordable and now we have a much prettier drive with no power lines and intact bamboo groves. I wish we had done this years ago!bamboo lined driveway

Along with bamboo, we grow many other plants. I collect and grow many Aroids, especially Alocasias, Colocasias, and Xanthosomas (Elephant ears). We mix in Phlox, Salvia, Lantana and other flowers for lots of color. We also grow Gingers, Cannas, Banana trees, Brugmansias, and Lillies along with the Elephant ears to give our rooftop gardens a tropical look. I am also fascinated by carnivorous plants and have three artificial bogs where I grow Venus flytraps, Pitcher Plants, Sundews, and other plants that thrive in the unique soil conditions that carnivorous plants prefer. You can find these (and some of our bamboos) at Big Plants.

We are primarily a mail-order nurseryl. For visits to the nursery there is a $100 minimum purchase. You can get larger plants at reduced prices by picking up at the nursery. To arrange a visit call 205 283 5638.