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Large Size Bamboo Plants

We have several species of bamboo available in large field specimen size, balled and burlaped.  These average 12 to 15 feet in heigth (or taller) depending on the species.  These plants can provide a screen in as little as one season depending on plant spacing.  Full size bamboo plants have become quite popular over the last few years.  It’s the ideal plant for a tall screen in a short time. Delivery and installation are available. Following is a list of some of the more popular species we have available in these large sizes.

Arrow Bamboo (P. japonica) – Our most popular screening bamboo, it will get 15 to 18 feet tall and form a dense screen with leaves from near the ground up.  The canes of Arrow bamboo grow very dense, only inches apart forming a screen that is almost impenetrable providing total privacy.  It is cold hardy and will stay green and leafy down to about 0 F.  It can be pruned down to 8 or 10 feet and will grow even more dense.
8 to 12 feet tall, approx. 12 inch rootball – $45
10 to 15 feet tall, approx. 18 inch rootball – $55

Golden Bamboo (P. aurea) –  With canes 25 to 35 feet tall, this bamboo is one of the fastest growing and spreading bamboos.  It has limbs low to the ground and forms a dense screen with canes up to 2 inches in diameter.  It is cold hardy to about zero F.  This bamboo is often called Fishpole bamboo as it makes a great fishing pole with a natural handhold at the base of the canes.  This one can be pruned quite low also and again, it will only grow more dense.
8 to 12 feet tall, approx. 12 inch rootball – $45
10 to 18 feet tall, approx. 18 inch rootball – $55

Red Margin Bamboo (P. rubromarginata) – Canes can grow up to 50 feet tall but 30 to 40 is more common.  It forms a dense screen quickly.  Research on growing bamboo for pulp production found this bamboo to be the fastest growing of any species tested.  Dark green leaves and canes, it is ideal for a very tall screen but can also be pruned to a shorter height.
8 to 12 feet tall, approx. 12 inch rootball – $45
10 to 18 feet tall, approx. 18 inch rootball – $55

We stock these and others in the sizes listed and can also dig to order with a few weeks lead time.  Along with these popular screening bamboos we have a limited selection of many other species including several of the giant species.  These are available as ball and bulaped plants with rootballs from 12 inches up to 24 inches, 15 to 25 feet tall.  Prices available on request.

These bamboos are all running type bamboos and quickly fill between plants.  Clumping bamboos are not available as these are tropical for the most part.  We can advise on control of running bamboos.  We have supplied these large field specimen bamboos for a number of private and commercial jobs.  Below are some recent installations.

These large plants were used for screening at two nearby coal fired electric plants.  This was an innovative attempt to screen a very large ash pile.  To determine the fastest growing tall screen 6 different species were planted.  A total of 150 plants were installed.

Delivery of large size bamboo.

Full size bamboo plants, ready for delivery.

These Black bamboo plants were for a private residence in Birmingham, Al.  The owner surrounded his home with 110 Black bamboo plants, 6 to 10 feet tall.  We installed these on a steep hillside and mulched heavily to hold the soil in place while the bamboo established a good root system.

Black bamboo plants

Loading a trailer with 3 gallon black bamboo plants.

These Red Margin bamboo plants were delivered to a business in Atlanta.  They were used to screen a tall, unsightly industrial plant next to the customer’s business.  Planted on 12 inch centers they formed an immediate screen which will only grow taller and more dense over the next few years.  We installed these plants in a long trench with a root barrier completely surrounding the bamboo grove to control the spread.  Call me at 205-283-5638 to arrange purchase and delivery or pickup.  We deliver free within 35 miles of Birmingham or Jasper, Al.

Red Margin bamboo

85 large Red Margin bamboo plants.



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