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Bamboo Books

Bamboos by Christine Recht
Over 100 color photographs and 60+ drawings. Easy to read text. A nice, comprehensive book for the bamboo lover. Clear, concise descriptions of over 80 species. The pictures are especially nice. 160 pages. Hardcover


The Book of Bamboo by David Farrelly
A journey through the world of bamboo, covering all aspects from growing, to identifying, to utilizing. Probably responsible for turning more people on to bamboo than any other book. The author covers hundreds of uses of bamboo along with information about the culture and growth of bmaboo. This is sort of the “Zen of Bamboo” book. Text and lots of drawings, 340 pages. A true classic. Paperback.

Bamboo for Gardens by Ted Jordan Meredith
This book is about the use and beauty of bamboo in the garden and landscape. There is information on control and maintenance of bamboo as well as suggestions for particular bamboos in sepcial situations. More than 300 bamboos are described. With 158 beautiful photos and drawings this book will make you fall in love with bamboo and give you the knowledge you need to choose the right bamboo for your garden. 408 pages, hardcover

Bamboo Style by Gale Beth GoldbergBamboo isn’t just for Asia anymore. Author Gale Goldberg shows us how to creatively bring bamboo home, teaching us how to live with it indoors and outdoors – even how to grow your own bamboo. Every room of the house can be decorated or accented with beautiful, sensual bamboo furniture, flooring, wall covering, ceiling material, and accessories. Full of beautiful color photographs, a great book for the bamboo lover. Hardback – 176 pages.

Bamboo in Japan
Bamboo in Japan by Nancy Moore BessThis is one of the most interesting and beautiful books I’ve read in years. The author spent years researching in Japan and discovered that bamboo contributes to every aspect of Japanese life: from architecture to religion, from household goods to children’s toys. Bamboo is made into rakes, blinds, fans, baskets, kites, fences, tea ceremony whisks and scoops; into lanterns, spoons, dolls, umbrellas, fish rods, swords, and musical instruments. The pictures are amazing, this is a beauftiful book.
















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