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Customer Comments

I had you send a bamboo plant to my father in Tennessee last week. He was so surprised and the nice card you included was just wonderful. Thank you so much for making my dad’s birthday one he will remember for a long time. Nancy M., Boston, Ma. Nov. 24, 2007

Thank you! I will let you know come Spring how things went…and by the way, nice web-site! S. Victoria, BC
(Sabine wrote to ask me about transplanting Golden bamboo in British Columbia. I was glad to give her some advice.) Oct. 10, 2007


I received the plants. They were extremely well packed and stayed secure in the boxes. I’ll let you know how the Robert Young does in the mountains of West Virginia.
John N. WV Oct. 01, 2007

Jim, I enjoyed our conversation the other day. You took the time to answer my questions and gave me some great advice. Please send the bamboo we decided on as soon as possible, I need my privacy! Bill M. Nashville, TN Sept. 28, 2007

Hey Jim

Got the bamboo today. They’re beautiful, I love them. I also love the fact that they are so different from one another. You said that the one with giant leaves didn’t really look like bamboo, but I disagree. The leaves are very much bamboo looking, just on a large scale. They’re beautiful. I am totally pleased and happy with them.

Thanks a lot
May 17, 2007

“I really like your free shipping. Great plants and great service!” John M. Austin, Tx.   April 7, 2007

Mr. Mortensen,
I love the fact your prices include shipping. I have ordered from other nurseries and you plants are the largest I’ve received.
Thanks, Billy T. Trenton, NJ March 20, 2007

Thanks for the excellent plants. The Black bamboo and Moso will make a dramatic impact on our landscaping. The plants were larger than I expected and the packing was superb. At first I couldn’t figure out what the bamboo poles were for then I realized they were bracing the bamboo plants – great job! I’ll be ordering more bamboo in the future. Look forward to dealing with your company,
Johnny Q. – Franklin, TN Oct. 19, 2006

I spoke to you on Monday, you shipped on Tuesday, and I received the plants today (Thursday). WOW! That’s what I call great service. We will be putting the plants in “in ground” containers on each side of the entrance on our display home. You suggested Yellow Groove and since we wanted nice size plants you suggested the 3 gallon size. The plants were even larger than I expected (easily 5 feet tall with 3 to 4 canes each). I had convinced my partners to try bamboo and was really concerned about the looks of the plants as this home is the first that potential buyers see. We will see how the plants do over the winter and if they still look good in February we will be ordering a large number for all the homes in the sub-division. Thanks again,
Billy G. – Richmond, Va Oct. 5, 2006


Jim, the Black bamboo arrived today and was in great shape. The packing was superb. I can’t wait to plant. I expected samll plants but these were very nice size. I’ve ordered from other nurseries in the past and was disappointed in the small plants. What a nice surprise. I thought it would be at least next year before the palnts looked good but these are great looking plants. Thanks for the quick shipping and healthy looking plants. It’s easy to see the plants have been potted up for quite a while with nice rhizome growth. Speaking of that, I was surprised that the last plants I ordered (not from you) looked like they had been recently dug. They did fine but I much prefer a great root system. Good luck in the future. I will definitely be ordering bamboo from you again.
John M. – Atlanta, Ga. Sept. 19, 2006

Wow! I ordered on Sunday and you shipped the next day! The Robert Young is really large with a great root system. Your packaging has to be the best in the business. The way the boxes fold together is really neat. Where do you buy such unique boxes? I’ve already planted the bamboo and expect big things! Thanks for being so prompt.
Dave L. – West Point, Va. — March 3, 2006    (our interlocking boxes are custom designed and manufactured just for Jmbamboo. We have our own cutting molds and the design was taken from a unique cell phone box that I was fascinated with.)

We ordered 10 Arrow Bamboo plants from you this spring. The bamboo was packed beautifully and shipped right away. We really appreciate your answering our questions and you even sent an extra plant! It was a pleasure doing business with you. George W. – Withita, KS — April 28, 2006

The Giant Leaf bamboo arrived yesterday and we couldn’t be more pleased. It is a very nice size plants and expertly packed. It arrived in great shape and we planted it right away. Thank you for the great service!
Mary and Bill K. – Boston, MA — May 2, 2006

Great bamboo plant, looks very healthy. I will recommend you to all my friends! John P. – Trenton, NJ — May 4, 2006

This was my second time to order from you. The first order was a 3 gallon Moso and I was so pleased I ordered again. You didn’t let me down. The Red Margin bamboo plants were very large and looked great. The packaging was the best I’ve seen and you answered all my questions. Thank you for your time and expertise. I’ll be ordering more in the future.
Kathy L. – Montgomery, AL — June 13, 2006

Thank you for the replacement. It was so nice of you to send a new plant. I think the first one might make it but you were kind enough to send another “just in case”. Wow, I didn’t know there were companies that treated customers so nice! I will spread the word! Thank you. Nancy M. – New York, NY —  July 2, 2006
Hi Jim
Just letting you know that I received the bamboo and I love it. It’s beautiful, just what I wanted. Thanks so much
Lana S. – Chicago, Il. — July 9, 2006

(Lana was kind enough to order more bamboo, Spectabilis this time.)

Hi Jim
I got the bamboo today, it really is beautiful. I love it and am totally satisfied. You were totally right in your description on your website about this particular bamboo, it is beautiful. Thanks so much, it was a total pleasure doing business with you.Thanks again.
Lana S. – Chicago, Il. —  July 13, 2006


Thanks for all the help Jim. I was really nervous about buying bamboo but you answered all my questions and relieved my fears! It’s especially nice to know you back your plants up with a no questions asked quarantee. I look forward to recieving the Moso and getting it planted. I’ve always wanted some giant bamboo! I know you must have gotten tired of all the questions and phone calls but you never lost patience with me and were very understanding. Thank you again.
Laura M. – Atlanta, Ga. — July 13, 2006

I just visited your website doing research for a story where cane poles would figure prominently in the early plot. Your website was easily navigable, and the section on making cane poles took me back to my childhood growing up here in southeast GA and cane poling at local creeks, ponds, and rivers. I appreciate the information, which will help me expedite writing my short story. Thanks.
Berrien C. Henderson – southeast Georgia — July 15, 2006

I received and planted the two bamboo plants today, and I’m very pleased. They were very healthy, and a great deal. We’ll be doing business with you again next spring, if not earlier.
Russ M. – Rochester, NY — July 18, 2006

Dear Jim, i got my shipment of Red Margin and Incense and I am hooked! Thank you for the beautiful plants and thank you for the help. sincerely, Kathy A. – Colon, Michigan — — July 21, 2006

Thank you for the tour.  We loved seeing the plants on your roof (and the bamboo or course).
Jan J. Huntsvill, al  June 20, 2007


I received all the bamboo and they arrived in perfect condition.  Planting
them today after work.
I cannot thank you enough for the great and honest advice as to what I
should buy for cold hardy.
I have already recommended you to friends who saw my shipment and were
amazed!  Thanks again and I WILL be ordering again.   D.P.   Toledo, OH  09/11

Dear Jmbamboo, we received the ten Arrow bamboo plants on Wednesday.  They were larger than
expected and packed expertly.  We had a tough time getting them out of the box!  We planted
right away and the plants look great.  We appreciate the extra plant you included and will
likely be ordering more next spring.  Thanks for the prompt service and shipping.
J.M.  Douglass, GA  09/11

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